August Swimming, Baseball, School Shopping

Summer swimming on warm August days is such relief from the heat! I remember going to the little lake in central Wisconsin to beat the temperatures during the day, then having baseball games in the street in our small town until dark. Carefree days to be sure.

We were getting ready for school too, like all young people who will be heading to the classrooms in coming weeks. I asked a good friend last week when they had shopped, and their children had gotten their supplies at the end of July. There are great offers for all of us to build up our supply cache for our businesses and home at this time of year. End of the summer parties, birthdays, anniversaries, garden parties, and barbecues continue.

We work to keep our homes and gardens looking nice for these special times. Your home furnishings should look their best. If you have Silhouette® shadings on your windows, you’ll want to be sure they are clean and the bugs and gnats are removed. People looking out through your shadings will enjoy your views if you have removed the pesky critters with our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™. Light is a draw for bugs – they like the inside of your shadings, which is why our CamilyWand exists. In my design business, it became important to address the why question, so CamilyWand™ is now available.

Know that our tool has a myriad of other uses. Some readers use it for removing aphids and other bugs from tender flower blossoms as in our photo, some remove cobwebs from lighting fixtures, ceiling beams, crown moldings, ceiling fans and other inaccessible places. It is a universal grabbing tool for lightweight objects in sewing and hobby rooms, car maintenance areas and many other hard to reach places. Our video in the bottom of the “about page” shows alternate applications for our CamilyWand.™

Enjoy your August and all the fun times you’ll have with friends and family. We at CamilyWand wish you a safe and fun filled summer!