Are you having Presents or Presence During the Holidays?

As we celebrate the holiday season, how are you spending your time? Are you present in each moment, treasuring the gifts the season brings, or you running here and there – not having time to slow down and enjoy your life?

There are ways you’re able to enjoy both the special times we have this time of year and have special times at your home and personal events. Take the time to make your living spaces, both inside and out, a cheerful place to enjoy. If you put up Christmas trees, you are bringing nature into your home to treasure this special time of year when people celebrate deeply. Simply decorated or done with a theme is always a great way to show joy and peace inside your home. Prepare the area around the tree, so you may view it clearly to realize the spiritual presence that the tree represents.

If you have window shadings like Silhouette® sheer shadings by Hunter Douglas where you may see light from the inside or outside when they are covering the glass, be sure they are clean and free from debris. Our CamilyWand™ is the simple tool that will remove bugs or debris from inside the vanes, so you’ll be able to relish the beauty of your tree or holiday decorations without marring the view with unwanted critters. It is easy to use with its sticky tip that grabs the unwanted debris quickly and easily from blinds like Silhouettes®. When you’ve used our Sticky Bug Removal Tool and cleaned your area, you’re ready to prepare your tree or decorative celebration of the season.

Making your home inviting as you move through the season, take time to have that cup of tea, or a relaxing snack and enjoy your surroundings. Mentally go to a special place and relish the fact that we are here in a wonderful country and have many blessings to be thankful for. Bring your thinking to the moment now where you are able to consider all the special things that are in your life.

As you select gifts and presents for your loved ones, keep the spirit in mind. Help them to understand the many beautiful parts of our lives that we often take for granted.

If it were springtime, we might say to take time to smell the roses. Now during this holiday season, take time to reflect and enjoy each moment. Feel the presence of now and have a very blessed and wonderful holiday season.