April Showers bring May Flowers, Promising new growth, Budding trees, Warm light, Longer evenings, Gentle rains, Backyard sports and barbecues

April has arrived, April Fool’s day included, and we are headed to that wonderful time in spring when our snow showers turn to rain, bringing much needed moisture to help our landscapes grow and our gardens flower and thrive. In Colorado we often get snow, sometimes huge amounts, but we know that moisture will water our vegetation to produce all the new growth we enjoy. We appreciate our snowstorms for the spring skiing and snowsports.

We’ll be doing fun outdoor entertaining as we get warmer temperatures. Spring and summer sports give us chances to entertain friends on our outside decks and patios. Barbecues are coming back with people moving from the kitchen to the patio as we approach warmer temperatures.

Because these sorts of parties often happen in the early evening, we’ll be using our window shadings to shade us from low level sun. People often want to see their views and allow filtered light to enter their homes with sun protection as well, as is available with Silhouette® shadings by Hunter Douglas. These family of shadings are able to be used in 3 different ways, making them a more valuable window blind solution. They cover the glass when they are lowered from the top headrail, may have the vanes in the open position allowing us to enjoy light and views, or the vanes may be closed to block the view. The insulation when the Silhouettes®  or Nantuckets™ are in the down position is impressive in either the vanes open or vanes closed orientation. Pirouettes®, Luminettes® or Vignettes® also offer similar insulation properties.

Often little flies, moths or gnats sneak into your homes when the doors are opening and closing. They find their way into the shadings like Silhouettes® and Nantuckets™ and cannot find their way out of the tubular type opening. Our CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ was invented especially for the task of safely removing the pesky bugs and debris from the vane openings. Its sticky CamilyTip™ at the end of the extension pole grabs the debris or bug. After you remove the pole from the shading, you should wash the tip to restore its perpetually sticky surface and remove the debris. Your gorgeous views and shading investment are protected when your shadings are bug free.

As you think of those wonderful picnics and barbecues, imagine the grilling smells, time with family and friends, you’ll know that your home looks its best for springtime fun!