Angels We have Heard on High, Singing Sweetly

Angels We have Heard on High, Singing Sweetly, are words from a  favorite Christmas Carol. We believe in angels, especially during the holidays when they seem to be present everywhere.

This angelic looking cloud is a beautiful symbol from Mother Nature, indicating that Angels are with us anywhere and anytime. The holidays always accentuate angels, and it is a great time to reflect on all the good in our lives. We are blessed with unlimited opportunities and are grateful for them as we move throughout our days.

We enjoyed the Christmas holiday yesterday, those in other countries have Boxing Day today and our New Year celebration will be here in 6 days. It is a wonderful time for these holidays, winter breaks, exotic vacations and parties with family and friends in our homes.  We make that special dish, bake wonderful treats, and prepare our homes for company who are invited over or dropping by to enjoy some comraderie and relaxing time. Our homes are festive, warm and looking their best for the occasion.

One of the ways we get our homes in great condition is to be sure things are clean and ready for guests. Some readers are fortunate to have Silhouette® shadings in their homes, and some of those may have collected debris or bugs over time. Our CamilyWand™ Sticky Bug Removal Tool™ is perfect for attaching its sticky CamilyTip to those pesky insects that lodge themselves in between the vanes of the Silhouettes® – and other products, such as Nantuckets™, Luminettes®, Pirouettes®, Vignettes® and Soleras™, manufactured by Hunter Douglas. Other companies produce similar shadings that benefit from our tool also.

CamilyWand™ is a simple tool that will make your cleaning chores easier and your bug removal quicker and safer to manage. When our CamilyTip is covered with dust and debris, it is washable and reusable. It is a great tool capable of removing dust, debris, cobwebs, etc from high and inaccessible places. It will also “pick up” light weight objects from behind furniture, in between appliances, from hard to access places like cars and boat engines, and a myriad of other places.

We offer you our CamilyWand™ to make your debris removal chores easier, safer for your blinds. Spending a small amount of time to get rid of the insects wherever they are in your homes and shadings is time well spent. You have then protected your filtered views through your elegant Silhouette® or similar shadings and your investment in them in a very easy manner, giving you more time to entertain and enjoy your homes during the holidays.

At Camily, LLC, we wish you a happy, safe and prosperous Holiday Season and Wonderful New Year!